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HR Learnin is a global community and service provider of HR influence. However, one of our unique strengths comes from the founders being based in Dubai UAE.  As a result, certain HRLI products and services are uniquely tailored for the needs of the GCC market. If a GCC-specific solution is of interests you, contact us directly for more details.

Enterprise Solutions:

Almost every HRLI product or service can be scaled and customized to meet the needs of a corporate client. It’s no secret that most of the research and bench-marking in the GCC comes from outside the GCC - it’s WEIRD. We have the expertise to create global, regional, in-house, and GCC specific corporate solutions in:


  • Training             

  • Assessments  

  • Bench-marking  

  • Research

  • Brainstorming

Personal Development Solutions:

At our core, we are passionate about developing others. We know that to be successful the trainer or mentor must themselves never stop growing. Our personal development specializations include:

  • Training & Coaching (Online & In-person) 

  • Advisory & Consultation (Online & In person) 


Community & Engagement: 

Is the HEART of our Mission and competence and influence are the pillars that support our community’s sustainability.    


Exclusive/Early Access to Insights and Content: 

As a community we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, however, we want to ensure that our members who subscribe to premium benefits receive value beyond their expectations.  


Corporate Assessment Services & Tools: 

HRLI is building a toolbox of deep-niche solutions that empower HR to add value in today’s ever-changing world of work.  


Expert Introductions: 

The founders have a global and local network of exceptional competence and influence. Whether you are based outside the GCC we are uniquely positioned to bridge east and west; west and east.


Partnership Opportunities: 

HRLI represents several exceptional Mentors and learning content providers. We only align with people and brands that share our community values and high aspirations to ensure that our subscribers experience the very best that a human network of trust can offer. 

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