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About us 

HR Learnin (HRLI) 

The world of work is about to undergo a profound reset – is your organization prepared?  And we’re not talking about post-covid, ‘new normal’, rather we’re talking about the shift to human capital reporting.


Make no mistake, this change isn’t being driven by your legacy HR department, it’s coming directly from stakeholders – owners, in particular. The US Securities and Exchange Commission, prompted by major private equity and pension stakeholders, recently introduced a mandatory requirement to report material human capital measure and metrics.


Ask your head of HR if they are aware of this change? Ask them if they feel this has global implications? Then ask you head Finance and you’ll quickly discover that HR is on the precipice of being completely recast – is your organization prepared?


That’s where we come in. Our founders are uniquely qualified to address your needs. Having first-hand experience in developing the actual standards, coupled with an unparalleled combination of local (MENA) and global experience, we can exceed your expectations - in either English or Arabic, and put you ahead of the curve!


Our ISO 30400 series of services includes:


● Human Capital Standards Training

● Department Compliance

● Audit Preparation

● Organization Recognition  


HR Learn In (HRLI) Consulting Services are your one-stop-shop for the next generation of Human Capital Leadership and our partnership network consists of many of the world’s top experts in the field.  Contact us today for a no-change initial consultation.  

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Brad Boyson 

Human Capital Thought-Leader & Global HR 

Brad Boyson did not fall into HR and he is an international businessperson with a track record of success. In case one doubts that contradiction, he has also worked in HR on every inhabited continent, holds three business degrees and has challenged (and passed) six different professional HR qualifications. An author, international keynote speaker and mentor, his passion for value added HR spans twenty-plus years as a practitioner breaking down barriers to inclusion, equity and opportunity – globally 


Fahad Khalaf 

Employee Engagement Expert, HR Generalist 

Fahad has over 19 years of corporate experience in different industries and function. He has combined experience in HR, Business Operations and Customer Experience across Banking and Financial industry, Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment. He is Accredited Master Coach by IAPC&M and Author of Employee Happiness Masterclass, the leading topic in Employee Engagement. He has demonstrated strong leadership, ownership and responsibility in achieving organization objectives 

The Story Behind HRLI 

During the Covid crisis of early 2020, friends Fahad and Brad were texting each other about the challenges and opportunities in L&D, coaching & mentoring, and HR due to the shift to remote #WFH.  

  • Fahad emphasized the opportunity for people professionals to be even more ‘strategic’.

  • Brad emphasized the need for them to ‘lean in’ even more while working remotely. 

  • Brad’s subject line was: “What about creating an HR Lean In Project?”

  • Fahad replied, “HR Learn In?” 

  • Brad’s response: “Even better!”

  • Learning is a choice, you can’t push a string; 

  • Continuous learning is a necessity to remain employable, and teaching others is one of the best ways to learn.

 AKA: Tune In, Skill-up, and Pay Forward.

Our Vision

Members becoming Mentors

Our Mission & Purpose 

Building a Global Community of HR Influence 

Our Values

People-centric, Trust-based, Tech-savvy, Organization-valued, Continuous-learning  

Our Slogan

Tune-in, Skill-up, Pay-forward 

Corporate & Professional Responsibility: 

Our commitment to society is one of our main priorities and objectives. With every investment you do towards your membership, we are donating to a high percentage towards charities, people in need, volunteering projects, and initiatives. We have been creative in donating and involving in CSR initiatives in different forms such: Donating funds, Creating educational and materials, Training & Development, Supporting learning journey, and much more. 

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