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How to become an HRLI Mentor


An HRLI Mentor is more than just a trusted resource and subject matter expert, an HRLI Mentor is someone who has demonstrated their passion for the mission and values of the project by way of donating at least one of the following to the HRLI Community as a start:  


  • 30 minute Educational Webinar

  • 30 minute Educational Podcast and Q&A session 

  • Long form Blog or Article 

  • Exclusive Discounts for the HRLI Community   

  • Passing the initial meet-up session 


To continue and sustain your affiliation with HRLI as a Mentor, you need to provide the following to the community and ensure the sustainability of deep-learning and knowledge are delivered: 

  • Monthly Blog or Article Contribution 

  • Quarterly Podcast Contribution 

  • Quarterly Deep-Knowledge sharing in form of live webinar session, online virtual contents in form of video or online course. It has to be minimum of 30 minutes 

This no strings attached donation of real and deep-learning knowledge allows the Mentor to showcase their expertise in a giving first, open forum whereby the HRLI Community can review and assess if they would like to engage the Mentor in subsequent business relationship. Unlike other freelancer portals which push, we sincerely believe our values-first introduction  allows for a more substantive and constructive Community engagement to develop.

IT Consulting

Disclaimer: The above mentioned mention-ship joining requirements by subject matter experts are subject to final decision by the HRLI committee. Joining and remaining as mentor with HRLI is guaranteed as it depends on valuable contribution that is subject to regular evaluation and community feedback. HRLI is add unique valuable to the community by sharing deep-learning knowledge and practices. We are not looking for general information or knowledge sharing practices. HRLI team welcomes any Subject Matter Expert that believes in Deep-Learning and create future mentors. Once you accept the initial joining formalities and conditions, feel free to Contact us for further details and discussion. 

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