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ISO 30414:2018


An organization is only as good as its people – which is why the workforce of a company is often one of its largest costs. But measuring the true return on that investment can be a tricky business. It just got a lot easier with the first

International Standard for human capital reporting "ISO.ORG"


Employee Engagement & Happiness 


The 2 days Employee Happiness Masterclass is designed for those wishing to develop their understanding of best practice disciplines, tools and frameworks being used successfully in Employee Engagement and Experience around the globe. All graduates of the course will be given case studies, exercises and stories that bring to life the skills needed to succeed as an Employee Happiness Practitioner 


HR & Quality Management Consultation and Solutions 

Strengthen Your Employee Engagement Factors by understanding their motivational triggers to exceed regular performance at a minimal cost. Understand the 11Categories and 43 outlines Guidance to Meet Human Capital Standards. 

Training & Masterclass, Consultation & Advisory, Audit & Certification, Assessment and Analysis 

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