Succeeding in a World of Distraction 

Learn to increase productivity, get your life (and mind) back on track and STOP feeling like there’s never enough time.



✔ ANYBODY who feels constantly busy, distracted, overwhelmed and unfocused

✔ Professionals in corporate environments who need to think clearly

✔ Students who feel distracted, unfocused and lack clarity of thought 

✔ Parents who feel overwhelmed, disconnected and under constant pressure

​Why This Course is Good for you? 

Learn To Increase Your Productivity.

We’re all stuck in a world that makes constant demands of us - juggling dozens of different tasks and roles has made it next to impossible to actually concentrate and have clarity on what we’re doing.


Get Your Life (And Mind) Back On Track.

I've created this course following years of research and have designed it to help you transform from your current state, to actually gaining back control of your life, your time and your mind.


STOP Feeling Like There's Never Enough Time.

To top it off, our digital lives are designed to keep us distracted and can actually cause long-term cognitive damage if not addressed. This vicious cycle can keep you from finding your true purpose and meaning in life, and it's up to YOU to break it.  


This Course Addresses The Reasons Why We're Distracted, How To Deal With It, And What You Need To Get Your Life Back.

You’re not alone if you feel unable to think clearly, keep up, and focus on what’s important – feeling overwhelmed has become a common problem.

About Rehan Khan 

Rehan is a Principal Consultant, Visiting Professor, Columnist and Writer. Rehan has worked across several industries including: telecoms, media, technology, real estate, private equity and academia. A trained social scientist, he holds a master’s degree in applied social and market research, as well as an MBA in strategy. He was a visiting professor at HULT International Business School (2013-16). He is currently a feature writer for Gulf Business and was a business columnist for The National newspaper (2009-10). 


He is also an avid observer of history and the many cross-cultural connections it unearths, Rehan has always been intrigued by how ideas move from one civilisation to the next. Throughout his travels, what fascinates him most are the narratives, myths, and legends which unite cultures, as opposed to dividing them. He is the author of A King’s Armour (2020), and A Tudor Turk (2019) which was nominated for the Carnegie Medal in 2020. These novels have been described as Mission Impossible in the Sixteenth Century. He lives in Dubai with his family.


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