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The new normal or Leadership?

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

It is such a cliché to say ‘now’ is the most impactful time to be working in HR…but once again it’s true.

Think about how much the world of work has changed in 2020?

What are the factors of success that are getting people noticed ‘at-work’ - today?

How are the contributions of the workforce being captured? Validated?

How is feedback being collected and distributed?

How many silos of work are being constructed or deconstructed while working from home?

How does office politics change as a result of remote work?

Dare we suggest that it’s not so much the contributions of the workforce that are being exposed, but rather the competence and capabilities of an organization’s leaders that are on full display. Leadership theories abound with situational and contingent factors that all suggest that the leadership team you had pre-covid may not be the leadership team you need during or post-covid.

Whether or not the latter is a cliché is really up to you.

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